Ways to Get “Sex-Tape” Ready



In light of all the recent celebrity sex scandals, including the horribly invasive so-called Fappening (where celebs like Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton had their private nude photos stolen from the Cloud) … you might not think that making your own personal sex tape would be a good idea. But doing so can still be a wonderful way for couples to add a little excitement to their sex life.

According to relationship therapist Jenn Gregory: “There is nothing wrong with experimenting to spice things up a bit … As long as both parties are comfortable with the activities and parameters are put in place, if necessary, excitement and desire will often continue.”

But before you rush into the bedroom and hit “record,” you probably also want to make sure you look your best. We have some “sex-tape ready” tips just for you (plus a Bonus Tip on how to protect yourself). Check them out:

Rest Up

If you’re going to be engaging in any sexual gymnastics, you should definitely have the energy to do it. So make sure you get plenty of rest before you plan on making the sex video, so that you don’t poop out in mid-production.