These Famous Siblings Hooked up?!

ChrisPrattEVCPhoto: Getty Images


All you self-appointed “Keepers of the Social Conscience” can sit down and stop pretending to act so shocked. We aren’t talking about actual, real-life sibling love.

Anyway, I was recently reading an article about the show Parenthood–which I’m sad to say is in its final season. I realized two of the on-screen sibling are actually dating in real life (you’re going to have to read the article to find out, darling).

I actually wasn’t surprised.

During my time working as an onsite production coordinator, I saw it all the time. After all, with the long hours it takes to shoot a TV show or movie, the actors spend a lot of time together. Attraction is bound to happen, so why not with folks who are playing family members? It still might seem a bit taboo, but I’d like to reveal 7 celebrity couples who played on-screen siblings:

1. Chris Pratt and Emily VanCamp (Everwood)

Before Pratt went on to marry Anna Farris, he dated his onscreen sister, played by VanCamp. Unfortunately for them, fans of the show became outraged when they learned about the real-life romance, and the couple broke up in 2006 (yes, probably because of something you said).