15 Hottest Celebrity Butts in Yoga Pants


It wasn’t that long ago when the only ones wearing yoga pants in public were the diehard practitioners of the Eastern exercise and meditation technique. But now, it seems like everyone wears yoga pants as their top choice for casual clothing. Of course, you can tell that some people wear them better than others, and perhaps female celebrities wear them best.

Guys are big fans of yoga pants, and perhaps bigger fans of celebrity fannies in yoga pants. To prove it, here are who we consider the 10 hottest celebrity butts in yoga pants. Spoiler alert: Not all the shots are butts…

1. Sarah Jean Underwood

The former Playboy Playmate of the Year apparently has never met a pair of yoga pants she didn’t like. She’s mastered the “come hither” look quite nicely, and she’s not one of those celebrities who wears them just because they make her butt look hot. Sarah is actually a devoted yogi and credits the meditative practice for keeping her centered in the crazy world of modeling.