The 12 Most Shocking Biggest Loser Transformations

BiggestLoser-AshleyJohnsonPhoto: Izismile


Over the years, one of the TV shows that has perhaps done more to inspire people to lose weight and get healthy is The Biggest Loser. Truly, this show has redefined the concept of “loser” and made it a positive thing. And over the years, audiences has been shocked by the amazing stories of weight loss shown by the contestants. Perhaps none was more shocking than the extreme 155 pounds lost by recent winner Rachel Frederickson (which we’ll get to later).

But let’s take a look at 15 of the most shocking Biggest Loser transformations.

1. Ashley Johnston

Lost 183 Pounds (48.3% of body weight)

She’s literally half the woman she used to be. As one of the heaviest women in the show’s history (starting at 374 pounds), she became famous for falling off the treadmill on her first day, but rebounding amazingly with her story of determination to become known as “The Pink Ninja.”