12 Hottest MMA Fighters

MMA-JessicaEyePhoto: The Richest


There’s no sugar coating the fact that mixed martial arts (MMA) is one of the most brutal sports around. There’s always plenty of blood spilled on the ring, combined with a healthy helping of broken bones, bruises and other gut-wrenching injuries. But there’s also a beautiful, sexy side to MMA.

What we’re talking about are the many devastatingly hot and talented women who fight in the MMA and UFC circuits. These female fighters could definitely knock most men out, but when you get a look at how beautiful they are, you’ll probably knocked out by their breathtaking sex appeal. Here are 12 of the sexiest MMA fighters in the world:

1. Jessica Eye

She’s only lost once, to eventual flyweight champ Aisling Daly, so there’s no doubting Jessica’s ability in the ring. But the one they call “Evil Eye” probably intimates both her opponents as well as any guys who try to approach her as she’s sunning poolside with that trim and sexy swimsuit physique.