10 Sexiest Female Celebrity Mugshots

CarmenElectraPhoto: thesmokinggun


Let’s be honest. There’s something infinitely sexy about a bad girl. Call us sexist, but most men (and a lot of women, too) admit that they like it when women show a little of their dark sides. That seems to be extra true for celebrities. Perhaps it’s because we spend so much time building them up, but when a female celeb does something naughty, we all want to hear about it.

Adding to their appeal is if they also have sexy mug shots to go along with their stories of being bad. We’re not trying to encourage a life of crime here, but why not have some fun with these 10 sexy female celebrity mug shots?

1. Carmen Electra

In 1999, the ultra sexy Baywatch star was arrested in Miami for allegedly attacking her then husband Dennis Rodman.