10 Reasons We Love/Hate Kim Kardashian

BootyPhoto: Bigstock


On the heels of her highly publicized and criticized full nude spread in the online magazine Paper, Kim Kardashian continues to be one of the most polarizing celebrities on the planet. Some people dismiss her as a flash-in-the-pan celebrity who’s simply for being famous (or because they made a sex tape).

But others see Kim as a powerful reflection of society and embrace the fact that, despite her obvious flaws, she also displays positive qualities that others should emulate. There’s no doubt that we each have a love/hate relationship with Kim Kardashian. Let’s take a look at some of the best points from both sides of the debate:

1. Her Booty: LOVE

Whether she’s flaunting that ample fanny like she recently did in Paper magazine showing off that delicious derriere in yoga pants or a skin-tight dress, we love the fact that Kim K is proud of her posterior. It gives all us normal girls a feeling that we should embrace all of our lady lumps, because they make us uniquely us.